Wrath Of Psychobos - Ben 10

Om spelet: In this epic Ben 10 game, only the combined power of Ben 10's alien forms and Rook's Proto-Tool weapons can stop the evil Dr. Psychobos. This mad genius has a new plan to destroy Azmuth, and it starts by sabotaging Azmuth's greatest creation, the Omnitrix! Ben and Rook team up in a gigantic adventure that spans the galaxy. Use Ben's alien forms like Four Arms, XLR8, Feedback, Gravattack and others, as well as Rook's versatile Proto-Tool and its many different weapons. Fight minions, mini-bosses and giant boss battles across multiple worlds and gather resources to unlock new upgrades. Have Fun!

Unity 3D

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Uppladdad: 18 jun 2013
Kategori: Action

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