The Sino-Global Discourse


20 juni 2011 16:45 | #1 ICDPress

The following conferences will be held in Berlin:

"The Growing Prominence of China on the World Stage: Exploring the Political, Economic, and Cultural Relations of China and Global Stakeholders"
(Berlin, Held Parallel to the “Berlin Asia-Pacific Weeks”, September 08th – 11th, 2011)

The “Sino-Global Discourse" is an international conference held by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in cooperation with other leading organizations. The objective of the conference is to examine the growing prominence of China on the world stage, the opportunities for global development that this presents, and how China can maintain its robust economic growth and social evolution to benefit the global environment. The 2011 conference will bring together renowned speakers from across the world for varied discourse, proceeding from the premise that China's future has the potential to result in a seismic shift in global politics. ??The issues raised during the conference will be discussed from a range of interdisciplinary perspectives and academic backgrounds, examining the issues that are currently defining the internal and external development of China. Key historical relationships will be analyzed, new strategic partnerships considered, and experts will offer their views on what path China should follow on the international stage, highlighting areas of global agreement and areas where greater cooperation is needed. With the continued expansion of the Confucius institutes, China has embraced the fundamentals of cultural exchange, and is in fact setting a global example for the power of cultural dissemination. In practical terms, the application of cultural diplomacy and soft power as tools in international relations will be considered in detail.

Conference Speakers
Speakers during the conference will include leading figures and experts from international politics, academia, diplomacy, the private sector, and civil society from across the world. These speakers will include a number of individuals from the ICD Advisory Board.

Conference Participants Application Form
The conference is open to applications from young professionals, students and scholars, diplomatic and political representatives, civil society practitioners, private sector figures, journalists, and other interested stakeholders in international relations from across the world

To apply please visit:


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